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Ito's 8 Extraordinary Magnets

Ito's 8 Extraordinary Magnets

Osamu Ito's Method for Treating the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

In the realm of Japanese Medicine, there exists no simpler yet profound method for addressing the body's ailments than Osamu Ito's Eight Extraordinary Meridians Magnet Therapy. Ito, a visionary in his field, ingeniously harnessed the opposing polarities of magnets to develop an incredibly effective treatment modality. Particularly suited for those wary of needles, this therapy offers a non-invasive approach as the magnets do not penetrate the body.

The diagnostic approach is based on palpation, with primary reflex points conveniently located at only two sites: the knee and the lower back. This streamlined diagnostic system is remarkably simple to grasp and recall.

Treatment options are further simplified by focusing on just three pairs of extraordinary meridians, reducing decision fatigue and complexity.

Drawing from his diverse expertise as both an acupuncturist and an osteopath, Ito's innovative magnet therapy harmonizes the body's energy and structure. The combination of straightforward palpation diagnosis and targeted magnet therapy yields immediate results, realigning the body's structure and alleviating symptoms.

By aligning the body's structure, pain and orthopedic ailments can be effectively treated.

It's truly remarkable to witness how addressing structural issues in the clinic can lead to the resolution of internal conditions. 

Upon completion of the course, you'll be equipped to apply the knowledge immediately—it's that straightforward. Additionally, home treatment options will be discussed during the class.

This course is tailored for certified practitioners of Chinese and Japanese medicine with at least four years of training.

The seminar curriculum covers a comprehensive array of topics, including:

  • The fundamentals of polarity treatment.

  • Identifying contraindications: instances where magnet therapy should be avoided.

  • Pain management using magnets.

  • Ito's diagnostic methods for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians at the knee, lower back, and neck.

  • Constitutional treatment and adjunctive therapies for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

  • Mastery of the South pole "Related point" technique.

  • Exploring Hammer and Dowel techniques, incorporating magnetic stimulation with Yoshio Manaka's meridian rhythms.

  • In-depth examination of key components of Ito's method, such as leg length difference adjustment and the Eleven Yen treatment for digestive ulcers.

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