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Direct Moxa

Direct Moxa

The mugwort plant, Artemisiae Vulgaris or Artemisiae Argyi, grows almost everywhere on planet earth. Burning its dried form, Moxa, directly on the body or just above it, has been acclaimed to have wide therapeutic effects since ancient times. 

The direct form of burning moxa on the skin is the original one and it originated in China; Interestingly, today it is hardly executed it in this manner by the Chinese. The Japanese, on the other hand, sticked to the tradition and most of the modern direct application of moxa comes from the land of the rising sun.

Many diseases have been treated throughout history using moxa. For instance, in the last few centuries the masses in Japan were not as harshly afflicted by tuberculosis as the Europeans were. The Japanese knew exactly where to burn moxa on the body which cured many of them as oppose to a decent percentage of Europe’s population which did not survive this horrendous plague.

There are some specific diseases and ailments which often react better to moxa than any other type of medicine; For example, acute appendicitis is better cured by directly burning moxa over the abdomen’s median line three fingers width underneath the umbilicus.

Another attribute moxa has is quite an intuitive one: it warms up. This is extremely beneficial for cold weather climates where the low temperatures causes people to ache and suffer. Simply put, the heat takes the patient’s pain away by moving the stagnant cold energy which caused it.

One of the biggest advantages of moxa is the fact that it is affordable. In past times of poverty and medicinal shortage, moxa was always a good option in reach of practically anyone. Furthermore, moxa is a simple healing method which just requires a bit of common sense and not a second degree in rocket science.

  • What is moxa

  • The benefits of moxa - western and eastern medicine wise

  • Direct moxa Vs. Indirect moxa

  • The different kinds of indirect moxa

  • Direct moxa:

  • Required gear to perform direct moxa

  • How to roll, place and light direct moxa without causing burns and blisters

  • Precautions and contraindications 

  • Takeshi Sawada’s Tai Ji treatment

  • Main Basic points

  • Main Special effect points

  • Master Isaburo Fukaya’s work:

    • Fukaya's 10 rules for using direct moxa

    • Fukaya’s Initial basic treatment

    • Fukaya’s main extra points

    • Fukaya’s point prescriptions for common diseases.

  • An outline of the difference between Fukaya’s and Sawada’s moxa approaches

  • Discussion of more moxa points

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