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Introduction to Master Tung

Curious about the enigmatic Master Tung Ching Chang and his groundbreaking contributions to acupuncture? Delve into the life and work of this influential figure, shaped by the tumultuous backdrop of local and world wars. Explore the fusion of tradition and innovation in Master Tung's approach to acupuncture, and uncover the secrets behind its remarkable effectiveness.

In this introductory course, we'll embark on a journey through the core principles of Master Tung's acupuncture, exploring key aspects such as:

1. Master Tung Ching Chang: Unveiling the Man Behind the Method

  • Tracing Master Tung's personal and professional journey.

  • Examining his rebellious spirit and the legacy he left for future generations.

  • Exploring the intersection of Master Tung's teachings with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

2. Decoding Master Tung's Methodology: 14-Meridian Vs. 5-Zang

  • Understanding the foundational theories guiding Master Tung's acupuncture.

  • Contrasting the principles of the 14-meridian and 5-zang approaches.

  • Delving into the nuances that distinguish these two methodologies.

3. Shen Jing/Reaction Area: Unveiling the Essence

  • Exploring the significance of Shen Jing and its connection to the 5 zang channels.

  • Investigating the diverse reaction areas unrelated to the 5 zang channels.

4. Dao Ma: Navigating the Pathways

  • Demystifying the concept of Dao Ma and its essential components.

  • Examining the variations in needle placement within Dao Ma, including linear and non-linear approaches.

5. Dong Qi: Harnessing Vital Energy

  • Understanding the essence of Dong Qi and its integration with bloodletting techniques.

  • Exploring the diverse applications of Dong Qi in clinical practice.

6. Imaging: Visualizing Healing

  • Introducing the fundamentals of imaging and its role in diagnostic and treatment strategies.

7. Treatment Strategy: Addressing the Root and the Branches

  • Unveiling the sequential approach of treating the root cause before addressing symptoms.

8. Practical Application: The Basic 5 Zang Dao Ma

  • Demonstrating the application of Master Tung's method on specific acupuncture points related to the liver, spleen, kidney, heart, and lung.

9. Clinical Insights: My Top Twenty Points and Dao Ma

  • Sharing personal insights into the twenty most frequently used acupuncture points and corresponding Dao Ma in clinical practice.

Join us on this illuminating journey as we unravel the mysteries of Master Tung's acupuncture and unlock its transformative potential.

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